Everything Merges with the Night (2016)


Winship House — Wakefield, Massachusetts

Sold: 06/10/08 $1.5M

Attempt to sell: 06/21/10  $194,999 (value $2.49M)

Massachusetts Bankruptcy case: 10-18399, filed 08/02/2010, more than $350,000 in liabilities

Nikon D800

More of my work can be seen here

Charles Winship House


23 responses to “Everything Merges with the Night (2016)

  1. Wow! Looking at the bankruptcy papers it seems the debts were only 324000$!
    Are you telling me that the whole place was let to go to waste over such a small amount?
    Instead of running away and leaving everything behind one could have tried to sell the belongings to cover the debts. The grand piano alone could have brought in a good 15k.
    Together with some of the other valuables and a yard sale it should have been possible to AR least pay back half.
    Instead the building has been left exposed for 8 years and is now not worth much.
    I am speachless !

    There must be more to the story!

    What an interesting ans chilling report.
    Thank you for the great blog

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