Welcome to Lansdowne Theater (2016)


Lansdowne Theater — Lansdowne, Pennsylvania

In 1926, the Stanley Warner Company and Herbert Effinger commissioned renowned and prolific theater architect William H. Lee to design a 1300-seat movie theater in the heart of Lansdowne’s Central Business District. Designed in the popular Hollywood Moorish style, the $250,000 theater was opened just before the advent of the “talkies”  on June 1, 1927. 

Modified Nikon D100 (Near Infrared Capture)

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Lansdowne Theater


8 responses to “Welcome to Lansdowne Theater (2016)

  1. It’s so sad to see these buildings abandoned and decayed, as they are a link between history and today. I have never done any urban exploring but I always imagine it must be interesting to walk through where people have worked, or lived. In nearby Chester County, PA there is a restored theater, the Colonial Theater in Phoenixville. It is lovely to see relics from a time passed and to see new generations enjoy themy. In West Chesterfield, PA there is another theater, the Warner Theater, but as I have not been in West Chesterfield for ages, I do not know if restoration is finished. I hope the Lansdowne Theater is renovated and restored.

    • Thank you for your comments…Yes, I do find walking through these places fascinating and I do wonder about how the lives of people who worked/visited in them were played out inside these walls.

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