Nothing Spells Lovin’ (2015)


Staff Housing — Norwich Asylum — Preston, Connecticut

Every day there was a hot meal for dinner…

Nikon D800

More of my work can be seen here

Norwich Asylum


10 responses to “Nothing Spells Lovin’ (2015)

  1. This is a fantastic image, Robert. The detail and colors really pop as does the perspective which gives it a “creepy” feel. Did you combine images for an HDR or is it a single? I love your processing and your title. 🙂

    • Thanks…I do combine images to help in dealing with the wide range of light in the locations I shoot…but as you can see, my tone-mapping is not “over the top”. When shooting, I do a 9-frame 2/3rd’s stop bracket and then decide which/how many images to combine. Sometimes it is a single frame, others it is three, some times all nine…often I will do an HDR set of three under-exposed and then manually combine that with another HDR set of three over-exposed…it all depends on what I am trying to convey with my final image. Sorry for all the text, but here is never an easy answer for these things 🙂

      • Hi – That’s great info- thanks. I usually do three combined with 1 stop but maybe I should try more images with smaller stop. Your tone-mapping is done with a deft touch.

      • Thanks…I’m using a D800 at ISO 100, usually stopped down to f11 or f16…so they are long exposures…I have an old (and heavy) Gitzo tripod that is very stable for these long shots. And have a 5-second delay with “mirror up” prior to exposing…it works for me…thanks again for the compliment on my mapping.

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