Follow Me! (2016)


Santa’s Land — Putney, Vermont

Santa’s Land opened on Aug. 10, 1957, launched by Jack Poppele, a New Jersey native radio pioneer who broadcasted the country’s first Christmas radio show on WOR, the New York City station he helped found. Opening-day admission was 19 cents; however by the time the park closed in 2011, admission was $10.00

Nikon D800

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Santa’s Land


11 responses to “Follow Me! (2016)

  1. What a lot of work and creativity must have gone into setting this place up. I imagine it was quite popular in its day.
    So strange how things change and how the very thing that made it so fantastical then, now gives it a detached ‘other world’ kind of feeling.
    Been catching up with this this series on Reader… Most enjoyable! Hi Robert 😃

    • Hello Robyn…I guess you are gearing up for Summer just as we are winding down from it…Yes, this was quite a spot and relatively intact – although I hear word has gotten out and it is going down fast…This once was along a main road that went to Canada, so it used to have a lot more traffic that it does now. Glad you are enjoying the series 🙂

      • Yes looking forward to the warmer weather Robert – this has been another cold winter – to be expected I suppose. Looking forward to ‘un-hibernating’ 😉
        Your images make this place look like it’s out in the middle of nowhere which adds to the ‘attraction’ of this series. Yes enjoying it 😀

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