The Not So Open School (2015)


The Round School — Greeley, Colorado

The open school design rejected small classrooms for large open spaces, was a short-lived educational plan developed in the 1960s. By design, students and teachers from all grades were encouraged to interact and thereby foster learning opportunities. A plan undone by the reality of noise and  the instructors inability to focus on each child – so these large spaces were broken up by portable room dividers – effectively undoing the open school plan from the inside out…

Nikon D800

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Greeley, Colorado

Robert Marsala


7 responses to “The Not So Open School (2015)

  1. I was one of the test subjects in the open classrooms experiment in the 1960s. The noise was atrocious! I was in a four-classroom building in third grade and I vividly remember how hard it was to concentrate. The common area in the centre was too small to contain all 120 students and caused a lot of tension for the teachers as well.

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