What a Difference a Day Makes (2015)


Warehouse — Waterbury, Connecticut

The Monday after my Father’s Day visit…the site was completely surrounded by chain-link fence with active security.

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Waterbury, Connecticut


Monsour Medical (2014)


 Monsour Medical — Jeannette, Pennsylvania

From its beginnings as a family medical practice in a stone house along Route 30 to a multi-doctor medical complex; the Monsour Medical Associates have seen multiple bankruptcies, State and Federal license revocations, suspicious deaths and the CEO attacking a vendor with a sledge hammer – so it is no wonder why this facility is boarded up and awaiting the wrecker.

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Tanks for the Memories (2013)

Tanks for the Memories (2013)

ARCO Metals — Waterbury, Connecticut

Waterbury Brass Company was acquired in 1922 by Anaconda Mining Company and kept its name until it changed to Anaconda American Brass in 1960. The Anaconda Company merged with Atlantic Richfield in 1977, and then became ARCO Metals.

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The Day Will Quake (2013)

The Day Will Quake (2013)

Bathroom Decor at Thai Restaurant  — Southington, Connecticut

“Tis now the very witching time of night,
When churchyards yawn and hell itself breathes out contagion to this world
Now could I drink hot blood,
And do such bitter business as the day would quake to look on.”
  – Act III Scene 2 of Hamlet by William Shakespeare

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Museum: Ruined (2013)

Museum: Ruined (2013)

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum — New York, New York

Warning to all – Stay Away!
The normally beautiful Guggenheim Museum has been completely transformed into a horrible monstrosity by the curators of the James Turrell exhibit. The spiral walkway that allows visitors to ascend through works of art has been blocked off so that this light show can be viewed by the art-going public. The exhibit is a mass of confusion with far too many people looking up and trying to “get” something out of this person’s work (note – it would be a stretch to call Turrell an artist). Museum staff showed a distinct lack of help by focusing more on yelling out “no pictures!” and “this is not an exit!” than they did helping people through the dark confusion. Just how bad is the work? For every photographer who has ever pointed a soft-box light at the wall – you now have a Turrell piece. Take a rotating color Christmas tree light and point it at the ceiling – you are an “artist.” That James Turrell has anything but disdain foisted upon him makes my artistic head spin. So my friends, if you are in New York – avoid this show. If an exhibit with Turrell’s name on it comes to your area, do yourself a favor, have a root canal done – you will have a much better time of it.

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