CCF-Brill (2014)


Canadian Car Foundry Dashboard — Eastern, U.S.A.

In business since 1909, the Canadian Car & Foundry (CCF) of Montreal partnered with ACF-Brill in 1944 to manufacture and sell buses and trolley coaches based on the Brill design for exclusive use in Canada.

Nikon D80

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CCF Brill Bus (2014)


BrillBus_1855GloLoBrill Trolley Bus — Eastern U.S.A.

The J.G. Brill Company was founded in 1869 at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania as J.G. Brill & Company. When trolley production declined, manufacture of buses and trolley buses continued. Brill had a Canadian branch called Canadian Brill, that was located in Preston, Ontario.  This image features a model T44 circa late 1947 manufactured by the Canadian Car Foundry and used in Calgary, Alberta.  ACF-Brill Motors ceased business in 1954.

Modified Nikon D100 (Near IR capture)

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Reaching Out (2014)


Trolley Car Barn — Eastern, U.S.A.

Inside a storage shed for abandoned trolleys – the glow from above are skylights (not electric lights) – glowing from a very long exposure in this dark space.

Nikon D80

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Trolley 3271 (2014)


 Trolley Barn — Eastern USA

Trolley 3271 was built by Pullman-Standard in 1946 (retro-fitted with couplers in the 1960s) and featured roof headlights and air horns for use on Boston’s Riverside line.

Nikon D80

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SEPTA 2190 (2014)


Trolley Car Barn — Eastern U.S.A.

SEPTA – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: President’s Conference Committee Cars in service since 1938 total: 608 trolleys. Of that, 484 have been sold for scrap, 102 sold for other uses and 22 are stored.

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Car Barn at Trolley Terminus (2014)


Trolley Car Parts — Eastern, U.S.A.

Inside a large abandoned mining company railway car barn – there were multiple trolleys and parts to all sort of equipment used for railway maintenance – note the 10-Ton overhead crane for moving the cars and parts around. It was very dark in here but the place had an abundance of skylights and it was a sunny day.

Nikon D80

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