This site is developed and maintained by Connecticut freelance photographer, Robert C. Marsala.

I maintain this blog in order to showcase and promote my work with Infrared imaging, alternative processing and general photography. If you have questions or comments about the work on this site, or to purchase prints* of any images, please feel free to contact me at:


For more Infrared images, please visit my Website:


To purchase a copy of my book – In a Different Light click here:


Regarding use of photographs on this site:

All items here and on my digital-infrared site are copyrighted and may only be used with permission. However, if you wish to re-blog any postings from this wordpress site, please give me the source credit.

Thank you!

* Reproductions are archival, museum quality Giclée prints on premium watercolor paper

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    • The grounds are open to the public and most every building has a way inside. I only enter, I never break in. Kings Park had doors open and I did not see any No Trespassing signs – not that I would not have been asked to leave, but there really wasn’t anyone around.

    • Thank you very much – almost a year ago a friend from the UK suggested that I “get more social” – hence this blog. My goal was to do at least one picture post a day and just see how it went. Regards to you…

  1. I just saw your piece on Nyberg and I just wanted to say that your a huge inspiration of mine and I admire your work. I don’t know if your familiar with the Valley area here in Connecticut, but there are some wonderful places that I could show you sometime if your interested in shooting.

    I also have an instagram with some of my work if your interested: @asletics

    Good luck with your book sir. I hope it’s a huge hit.

    • Thank you that is very nice to hear. I am always looking for new locations and folks to share their locations with. I’ll check out your Instagram site and give you a follow.

    • Why thank you very much…glad you like what you see. I usually do not post a lot of words – I’ll leave that for other, more accomplished writers to do. Cheers from the States 🙂

  2. You have some really great work! I love the quality of film photography and the discipline needed to create art this way. I remain tied to my digital for now though… 🙂 Found you via Helen Briggs by the way! Keep shooting! Polly

    • Thanks Polly – I began in film, so I have a lot of older film-based equipment and film inventory. I do digital as well, but film is just a different way of making your photographic vision a reality. best -ir

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