In the Lab (2017)


Paper City Brewery — Holyoke, Massachusetts

You need to maintain a sanitary lab environment to maintain the quality control of your brew…

Nikon D800

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Paper City Brewery

Robert Marsala


Memories Die Here (2016)


Shenango China Company — New Castle, Pennsylvania

The abandoned property, totaling just over thirty-four acres, was eventually sold to a wealthy real estate developer in Canada; however the issue of possible toxic contamination at the site stalled the property’s future. OnTuesday, June 28, 2011 a fire engulfed the plant  and billowing plumes of black smoke could be seen for many miles as a large portion of the plant was destroyed. Another fire on Friday, May 25, 2012, did further damage and both fires were determined to the result of arson. As of the summer of 2016 the crumbling plant, still awaiting its fate, remains vacant and eerily peaceful. Thanks for coming along…be sure to check your dishes to see if you have any dinnerware from this location.

Nikon D800

More of my work can be seen here

Shenango China/Shenango Pottery