Lost? (2015)


Building 93 at Kings Park Psychiatric Center — Kings Park, NY

Built in 1939, this twelve story building has a very small footprint that allows every room and hallway access to sunlight by use of a stepped design. Bed-ridden patients were placed on the top floors, and the more physically abled lived on the lower floors. Like so many similar locations, it is very easy to get lost while inside as there is typically only one way in (or out).

Be sure to check out my friend Amanda’s images from this shoot here.

Nikon D800 FX

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Kings Park Psychiatric Center — KPPC


15 responses to “Lost? (2015)

  1. It just came to me that it would be a cool TV show to have the main character be someone like you who goes to abandoned buildings to take pictures and have the visits paralleling the character’s own life interwoven with events that took place at the locations. Yes I have an active imagination! Wonderful shot.

  2. Excellent HDR and perfectly sharp in all areas. Yes, this evokes the creepiness of the place. How did you manage to go inside? Is it safe considering its state of decay?

    • Thanks Paula – yes, I believe in a modest processing of HDR images, helped in no small part by my D800. We went in through an open window (somebody always “paves” a way inside) – not exactly safe – lead and asbestos are mitigated with a respirator, but as you will see in a later post, a piece of a roof cornice made a drastic alteration in the building when it fell from 12 stories up.

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